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Crime of the Week 9/21/2015
Offense: Burglaries
Suspect: Male
Date/Time: Friday morning, September 11th, 2015
Location: Borough of Birdsboro
Synopsis: The Birdsboro Police Department is investigating incidents where unknown intruder(s) entered a garage in the 300 block Hopewell Street and attempted to enter homes in the 600 block E. 8th Street and the 500 block E. 6th St., within the Borough of Birdsboro on Friday morning, September 11th, 2015.  In the 900 block of Berks St, the intruder(s) entered an unlocked vehicle and removed a number of items, including credit cards.  One of the stolen credit cards was used at 4:28 AM in the Turkey Hill store, located at N. Furnace and E. Main Streets, within Birdsboro. Another one of the stolen credit cards was used at the Dunkin’ Donuts and the Turkey Hill stores, within Muhlenberg Township about an hour after the Birdsboro Turkey Hill purchase was made. The pictures of the above suspect were captured inside the Birdsboro Turkey Hill Store. 
Anyone with information pertaining to any of these theft incidents or the identity of the suspect is requested to call Crime Alert Berks Tip Line at 1-877-373-9913. You may also contact the Birdsboro Police Department Ph/ 610-582-6037.
YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! You could be eligible to receive a reward of up to $10,000.00!

Phone a tip to: (877) 373-9913

Call Crime Alert Berks County's anonymous tip line at (877) 373-9913. No one will ask your name. You will be assigned a code number to track your tip. Crime Alert rewards for information which lead to an arrest of an offender are paid in cash!
Crime Alert Berks County is an organization of interested citizens, businesses, service organizations, corporations and social clubs, which formed to help our police departments in Berks County, Pennsylvania, to obtain credible leads that will result in arrests of criminals and solving crimes. This organization's inception was on August 1, 1998. Numerous crimes have been solved and arrests have been made as a result of tips e-mailed and phoned into the tip line.
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